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Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest things (if not THE biggest thing) in tech right now. And as programs get smarter and computing power increases, we’re going to find it harder and harder to tell the real from the manufacturer. The whole fake business scares me.

AI researchers seem to be fascinated with how this technology can be used with music. That brings us to Sonya, a fully AI-generated interpreter created by a Ukrainian company called Reset. She (she?) Isn’t the first AI artist, but she’s a proof of concept. With Pacemaker, anyone can create their own Sonya.

I know I know. Sounds a little too Frankenstein /Strange sciences-y, but there is no way to stop it. Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Snoop Dogg have used Reface before.

Here is what we are talking about. The artist and the song are completely the products of AI. An EP called Love and black glove will be released on Friday.

I quote Pacemaker:

“We used a bunch of different neural networks online to generate speech, sound and visuals.

Enter a few words to choose a genre and specify your mood, and you will receive your unique name and original Lyrics. For example, we used words like love, jealousy, and face. We then put these words in the mouth of a AI voice generator – and now she has a voice!

The musical part was the most exciting. We used the Boom neural network to generate both the rhythms and the album cover art. First of all, you need to choose a genre. Then the network allows you to modify the arrangement and production, change instruments and even add vocals. Finally, you can create an AI-generated song and album art for your release. Just enter a word and get your cover! Want more pictures? No problem. We also used VQGAN + CLIP text2art, where you enter a description, choose a quality level, and generate an image. ML’s track “story telling machine which automatically generates synthetic images as you write new words and phrases ”is also pretty rad. And Art breeder is a neural network that allows you to generate a portrait or a character by changing characteristics like age, gender, RGB color values, hair, etc.

Great. Just awesome.

You can read more here.

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