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When Shirley Anderson heard the band Re-Creation perform on a visit with her family to Pennsylvania, she just knew the band would be a perfect fit for her church in Gastonia.

Anderson therefore fought to have the group booked at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. It took a bit of persuasion, but she succeeded.

Last year’s concert here met with such a great echo that Re-Creation is back this year. The band will perform at 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 18 at Church, 805 S. York St.

Re-Creation represents Re-Creation USA, a group that performs in veterans medical centers. The group also performs at churches, fairs, banquets and more, singing and dancing in a Broadway style. He adapts his repertoire to each environment. They perform secular, Broadway and patriotic tunes.

“It’s a very energetic concert,” said Anna McMahan Houser, head of the congregational life committee at Holy Trinity Lutheran.

The process of bringing the group to church began two years ago with Anderson, a committee member. She first heard of Re-Creation four years ago in her home state of Pennsylvania, where she traveled every summer to take care of her mother. During this trip, she heard that Re-Creation was coming to the church they attended together.

“So I went to church that morning and they sang and it inspired me so much and (it was) so uplifting that they can give the gospel through song. I just thought, ‘I have to get them to Holy Trinity,’ ”Anderson said.

She came back and spoke to the pastor of Trinity. Nothing happened.

The following summer, Anderson returned to Pennsylvania as usual and heard Re-Creation play again.

“I decided I was really going to plug them in. We have to get them here, ”Anderson said.

Anderson then brought up the idea of ​​the gig to McMahan Houser. It will be another year before the church succeeds in bringing the Re-Creation to Gastonia.

“I have listened to him endlessly,” Anderson said of McMahan Houser.

Re-Creation performed at Holy Trinity Lutheran last year. The answer ?

“Everyone seemed to like him. We have had a lot of favorable responses. People have definitely asked us to get them back, ”said McMahan Houser.

Each year, Re-Creation chooses a different theme. This year’s performance will be themed “Believe”.

Admission to all Re-Creation concerts is free, although free will offers are accepted. The group relies on donations to perform.

McMahan Houser sent personal invitations with posters to 15 local congregations and Lutheran congregations with which Holy Trinity has partnered. They also reached out to the Gaston County School’s choral singing programs so the choir students could get a taste of real-world performances. The rest of the community is also invited.

“If you want to listen to great gospel music, these are the people you want to listen to,” Anderson said.

For more information, call the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 704-864-0378.

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