Maxx Morando’s girlfriend: who is the musical artist dating?


Maxx is quite popular for his drumming skills. In addition, his personal life is also in the spotlight. So today, let’s talk about Maxx Morando and his girlfriend. He rose to prominence as a musical artist and he garnered great attention for his exceptional musical knowledge. The 22-year-old is an idol to many young people. Maxx was a former member of The Regrettes and is currently with Lilly the Band.

He released his first song titled ‘Feel Your Feelings Fool’ in January 2017 alongside his band ‘The Regrettes’. Maxx met his former band members through his school in California. After being together for a long time, all the individuals finally decided to form a group. Throughout these years he was very popular as the band’s drummer. He is known for his drum performances across Los Angeles. Recently he has participated in many interviews to let everyone know about his professional life. Maxx never spoke much about his love life.

He has been very secretive when it comes to his girlfriends. So her personal life has always been out of the limelight. Due to his growing popularity, he always separated his private life from his profession. Recently, he has become very popular for his appearance with Miley Cyrus at a Gucci-related fashion event. Now fans have generated several speculations about them. Are they together? In this article, we tell you more about Maxx Morando’s girlfriend.

Maxx Morando Girlfriend

Maxx is very ambitious and passionate about his future. He has never spoken of his private life and has not shared any details via any of his social networks. If you take a closer look, he was also under wraps with his Instagram account. In addition, Maxx is relatively calm and discreet about all of his information. Recently, he entered into media speculation because of his appearance with Miley Cyrus. Now everyone is curious about their connection. Since Miley has been in a series of relationships, it becomes difficult to understand the timeline of her relationship.

Miley Cyrus (left) and Maxx Morando (right)

The two looked absolutely adorable in their outfits, and the media took plenty of photos of them together. Since then, Maxx has become a trending topic on the Internet. And everyone is very interested to know more about their connection. It’s about making sure they have romantic interests with each other or not. Apart from that, they were also captured together in different places. Fans have shared many photos of them. If you check out Maxx’s Instagram account, you’ll find plenty of photos in the tagged section.

In addition, in most of the pictures they intertwined their hands, which caused a lot of doubts in people’s minds. As Miley is the Gucci Beauty Ambassador, she continued to promote her products on her Instagram for Gucci’s recent Love Parade show. There is no confirmation yet on their love life. Even if they are dating, they won’t say much about their relationship. As of yet, there are no details about them. Maybe soon they will reveal more about their relationship. You didn’t know Miley has had a lot of relationships in the past. Let’s take a look at Miley’s dating history as well.

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Miley Cyrus Past Relationships

Miley dated Liam Hemsworth for over ten years and they even got married. During these years, she had romantic relationships with many people in the past. Because of this, Miley has become a part of many controversies. Miley was always in fashion for her antiques and her actions. Liam and Miley met in 2009. Followed by their marriage in 2018. Additionally, after their split in 2019, she was found with several people, including even Kaitlynn Carter.

Maxx Morando's Girlfriend

Liam Hemsworth (left) and Miley Cyrus (right)

In 2020, she was spotted with Australian actor and model Cody Simpson. But things didn’t work out between them. Plus, they started dating in 2019. Well, they haven’t talked much about their split. Instead, they decided to move on with their lives. Other than that, she dated a lot of other people like Nick Jonas, Dylan Sprouse, and Tyler Posey. Additionally, there were rumors about her relationship with Jared Leto. But neither of them spoke about where they were dating.

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