Brasa Gang the musical group that revolutionizes rap in Italy


Today we are talking about the young Brasa Gang artists aged between 20 and 23 years old,

Group formed by Salvatore Lo Cicero in “Mesca” art, Andrea Bentivegna in “Jameflow” art, Antonino Catanzaro in “Tony Zarr” art and Vincenzo Sabella in “Young Woshy” art immediately noticed thanks to their very successful songs and their truly professional videos, they claim hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of followers on social media, they are independent artists who deal with issues such as depression in young people and the desire to be there happen, in their songs they repeat several times that the main thing to be able to achieve what you want is to believe in yourself, Mesca and Jameflow are the rappers of this collective while Tony Zarr and Young Woshy the producers.

The four are a formidable team that is depopulating in Italy exponentially, over time they have produced several songs and a mixtape much appreciated by critics and they say they are ready for the creation of their first album, on Spotify they have totaled mind-boggling pieces and that’s why we expect great things from them, the turning point for them comes in 2019 with the song “Yng Legend” very successful song followed by their latest release “part of the journey” song that goes really strong , these guys have a future with rap, we’re sure we’ll hear more about it.

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