Krishan Verma – An Inspired Story by an Indian Actor and Musical Artist


Krishan Kumar Verma, better known as Krishan Verma, is an Indian actor and musical artist. Today he has really been successful in his life, but his journey has not been easy. In 2017, he started his own YouTube channel called “Future Ideas & Technology.” Every time he went wandering he would make videos and he would put videos on his YouTube channel. If there was a college party or at the hostel he was posting videos of this party on his youtube channel. At that time his youtube channel had 40 subscribers. Every time he uploaded the video he shared the video with all his college friends and hostel, then the total views on his video went from 100 to 150. His subscribers weren’t increasing and he used to stay at the hostel, so he thought, why not go in all the spare rooms and subscribe to my channel by picking up everyone’s phone, then they did the same, they went to all the spare rooms and said I created a channel on youtube whatever party that will be there at the college and hostel you will be able to see this channel. That way they are all gone. Stayed in the guesthouse at the hostel and have completed 100 subscriptions. After that, when he went to visit Ambaji temple in Gujarat, he made a short vlog and uploaded video. The video received over 50,000 views in one month. But its number of subscribers has not increased. Then he changed the content of his YouTube channel and started posting income related videos online. also began to grow.

After that, he changed the name of his channel to BOSS Hi-Tech. Then he started making videos related to android app and games. After that, his channel started to develop very well. Then he posted a video every week. Then he activated the monetization of his YouTube channel in 2 months and started making money on Youtube. With this he liked to make music. , so he used to create musical rhythms from small apps in his mobile. He then composed a musical rhythm and told it to his friends. He praised a lot. Then they thought why not release these beats on all the music platforms, and then they released these beats. a lot of good answers came. His pace became a page on IMDb and it was verified by IMDb.

He continues to work hard to continue to grow professionally and personally. When people his age were busy worrying about their results and other important entrance exams, he was busy building his professional life and that is what sets him apart from the rest. he improves his skills over time and we all know it will help him achieve his dreams.

Now the internet world knows Krishan Verma professionally as a musical artist. He had over 100 soundtracks on different music streaming platforms. For example: Spotify, Apple Music, Hungama Music, YouTube Music and many more. This is why google and youtube checked his as a musical artist. Microsoft Bing and Yahoo also checked Krishan Verma on their search engines as an artist.

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